Is the inspection free?

Yes! Here at Aqua Point Restoration we see it as a sign of good faith to provide free inspections. We want our customers know we have confidence that our inspections are thorough and provide accurate information.

Do you perform the mold tests?

No, we work with expert mold hygienists who do the inspections. If we did the inspections, it would be a conflict of interest because we are the one's remediating the mold! This ensures there is actually a problem at hand. The mold hygienist will communicate the protocol for positive mold cases.

What is the protocol for positive mold tests?

Each protocol will vary depending on the location and amount of mold present. When the protocol is presented, it will include exactly what needs to be done to ensure the area is completely treated and is followed by a pass test once remediated.

Do you also perform the work for the build back?

Yes! We can and do perform the follow up work. We will provide a new estimate as well as take measurements to ensure accuracy.

Do you bill insurance companies directly for services with damage?

Yes! As long as the issue is claim related, we will bill the insurance company directly.

Should I try to clean up mold myself?

No, leave it to the experts! When you are ripping it out, particles of mold will spread around your house. Spores leak off and it will spread further and make more of a problem. Our experts ensure we keep it contained and prevent further damage!

What health problems can mold cause?

Mold causes a multitude of problems if not treated quickly and efficiently. There are different symptoms depending on the type of mold but some common ones include hair loss, rash, tight breathing, asthma, insomnia, fever, scratchy throat, and many more!

What's the difference between mold and mildew?

Mold and mildew come hand in hand. Where mold is, mildew tends to follow! This is why people think mold has a smell, but that is actually the mildew that causes an odor. Mildew is nontoxic but creates a strong sent within your home. Mold on the other hand is toxic and causes health issues, but does not have a smell to it.